Cosmetic Braces

Out with the old ‘train track’ braces, and in with the latest invisible alignment treatments

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Are you self-conscious about a slightly uneven or crooked smile? Maybe you’ve always been interested in the idea of wearing a brace to correct your teeth but were put off at the thought of the fixed metal ‘train tracks’?

If this is the case, then here at Westerham Dental we have the ideal solution for you. We are able to carry out two types of cosmetic teeth alignment to help you achieve a straighter smile in no time. Our principal dentist Ame Erwee has substantial experience with these treatments, enabling her to expertly and efficiently decide which would be most appropriate for each patient.

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Six Month Smile



Dr. Erwee made me feel at ease from the start and impressed me with her thoroughness. She often took extra time to get it just right and never rushed. Very comforting when somebody is making cosmetic changes to your teeth!

Mine was a fairly lengthly treatment, with lots of adjustments. Dr. Erwee always gave me excellent advice about what she thought the best solution would be for me. I followed her advice and went from teeth I had always hated to a really nice set that I am proud of.
To get good results you need to put in some work yourself. To be able to change every two weeks, you really need to wear the liners about 22 hours a day. That makes the change overs to a new set less painful!

I am thrilled that I did it and it really has had quite an impact on my life. For the amount of time I spend at the dentist and the way I am feeling now when looking at myself, the treatment was good value for money.”


If you are thinking of having Invisalign treatment I would strongly recommend Ame at Westerham Dental Care as a place to receive this. From my initial consultation up until now (where I have my final retainers) the quality of service and care has been exceptional.

Throughout the treatment great time and care has been taken at all stages, if a mould that was taken wasn’t quite right, it would be taken again, regardless of the initial time set aside for my appointment. All the staff make you feel very welcome, including the receptionists and dental nurses. Invisalign treatment is expensive but I was able to pay in stages which was very helpful.

Overall I think the quality of treatment, standard of care provided and overall impression of this practice is of a very high standard.”


Last year, aware that I would soon be turning 40, I decided I had had enough of feeling self conscious about my upper teeth, particularly as I am otherwise quite a confident person, so I decided to go ahead with the Invisalign program. I was attracted to this form of treatment rather than conventional braces, as the aligners are so discreet, they are barely noticeable. Indeed, I have even had to remove them on occasions in order to prove that I was wearing them!

At this point, I also have to mention that until recently I have had quite a fear of dentists but thanks to Ame’s calm and friendly manner, this has completely disappeared. Even my children (aged 1 and 2) enjoy accompanying me on my monthly trips to the practice.

New aligners felt tight and I did experience slight discomfort for a couple of days. However, this just emphasised the fact that my teeth were moving and the discomfort was never enough to warrant pain relief.

The results are fantastic. My gap has disappeared and my teeth no longer stick out. I am much happier with the way I look and actually enjoy smiling now. I just wish I hadn’t waited so long and had had it done sooner. ”

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