Keep your youthful glow as long as possible with our range of facial aesthetic treatments

Fillerina are a revolutionary type of dermal fillers which can be applied at home instead of in a salon or surgery. The different types of graded treatments they offer promise to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines in as little as 14 days.

Grade 1 treats faint wrinkles and expression lines, and improves the appearance of sagging skin around the lips and cheekbones.

Grade 2 treats visible wrinkles and expression lines, improves uneven skin tone and firms areas of sagging skin around the lips and cheekbones.

Grade 3 treats deeper wrinkles and expression lines, and targets severely sagging skin on the face, particularly around the lips and cheekbones.

The active ingredients in Fillerina help to plump the facial tissues without injecting the skin, as with many other cosmetic treatments. The special formula and applicator, which has been patented thanks to its innovative technique and proven success, allows the product to penetrate deep into the skin layers with no need for a needle.

What’s more, Fillerina only needs to be applied once a day, ideally in the evening. The application of the gel filler can be supplemented with the use of the specially formulated nourishing cream. The cream can also be used as a stand-alone product for a more subtle difference.

The treatment works to subtly increase tissue volume around the face, which helps soften the appearance of fine lines. When applied correctly and consistently every day, results should be noticeable within the first seven days, with even greater improvement after 14 days.

Results typically last for between two to three months, and for that reason it is recommended that you repeat the 14-day treatment programme three to four times a year for optimum results.

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