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Regular Oral hygiene visits can keep gum disease – and other serious issues – at bay

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Did you know that more teeth are lost because of gum problems rather than tooth decay? Established gum disease is known as gingivitis – progressing to periodontitis – and can easily cause serious problems within your mouth. In fact, most adults have some degree of gum disease.

The good news is that in the early stages it is easily treatable and reversible, which is why it is so important to look after your gums and have regular hygiene visits.

When you don’t brush your teeth regularly, or thoroughly enough, a film of food debris can build up over your gums. The bacteria that feed on the food particles then produce waste products in the form of toxins. These toxins inflame your gums, causing them to become tender, swollen and bleed.

In severe situations, the bone anchoring the roots firmly into the jaw can be eroded, causing the teeth to become loose. Ultimately these teeth may have to be removed.

During an Oral Hygiene appointment, your teeth and gums will receive a thorough scale and polish to make sure they are as clean as possible.

We will also give you some important tips and advice on how to brush your teeth more effectively, and will also let you know if you have any early indications of issues like gum disease, including ways to prevent it.

We recommend an Oral Hygiene visit at least every 6 months, but more frequently if you have large fillings or crowns, or any family history of or susceptibility to gum disease.

Your child should also have regular hygiene treatments, particularly if they wear a brace as it can be very difficult to clean around the brackets and wires properly.

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