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ImplantsInfoGraphicIf you have a facial injury or dental emergency that leaves one or more of your teeth damaged or even missing, this can have a considerable effect on your oral health and your appearance too. Aside from affecting your ability to eat properly, losing a tooth can cause the jawbone underneath it to shrink from a lack of exercise. This in turn affects your facial profile, changing the shape of your face and, in some cases, making you look prematurely aged.

Implants are often the ideal solution for many patients, not only because of the quality of their appearance but also their ability to provide a long-term solution for the problem of missing or damaged teeth.

Ahead of your implant procedure, you will have x-rays taken to determine the position in which the implants should sit. You may also have a model made of your existing teeth for our team to work from.

Implants are made up of two component parts – the titanium implant itself, which is placed into your jawbone, and the porcelain crown which sits on top as your new ‘tooth’. The procedure is normally done in two stages: first the implants are placed into your gum and allowed to heal before the crown is added on top.

At Westerham Dental Care, implant procedures are carried out by our resident implantology specialist Eugene Marais. Eugene has completed several courses in implant insertion and technique, and now teaches his own implant courses as well as speaking at international dental conferences.

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For more information about implants, you can visit the BioHorizons website here.

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