Six Month Smile

If you’re looking for a quick way to straighten your front teeth, Six Month Smile could be ideal for you

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The time taken for conventional orthodontic treatment – often at least 1-2 years if not longer – can often put people off correcting their smile. However, Six Month Smile braces utilise the most efficient and effective orthodontic treatments to speed up this process and produce results in just a fraction of that time. What’s more, they even use tooth-coloured braces and wires rather than unsightly silver metal ones.

Six Month Smile treatments simply focus on the teeth that are visible when you smile, rather than making dramatic changes to your whole mouth and bite; an ideal solution for those who would like a quick but effective fix to the appearance of their teeth.
Your initial consultation will include taking moulds of your teeth, to allow us to create your brace and treatment plan. It will then be applied and adjusted to provide just the right amount of movement to correct the misaligned or crooked teeth. You will need to have regular check-up appointments to ensure that everything is progressing smoothly, and to determine how much treatment time is still needed.

Although they use the same principles of treatment, these braces are very different to the normal silver ‘train tracks’ you may have seen before. Six Month Smile braces are almost impossible to see, thanks to their cosmetically appealing tooth-coloured components.

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