Protect your mouth during sports with a bespoke, custom-fitted mouthguard

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If you or your child love to play and compete in any contact sports such as hockey or rugby, you will probably be aware of the importance of wearing protective kit like shin pads and helmets. Heavy, fast-moving sports balls can also cause serious damage if they come into contact with your mouth, so it’s essential to wear protective sportsguards too.

Sportsguards have multiple purposes; aside from providing obvious protection to your teeth, they also cushion the jaw to prevent it being forced backwards as the result of a blow. The guard dissipates the force of the impact and considerably reduces any potential damage that could be done to your mouth.

Aside from being cosmetically unattractive, serious damage to your teeth can require treatment that could run into hundreds and even thousands of pounds.

At Westerham Dental Care we are able to supply and fit custom sports gumshields to give you the best possible protection during your game. You will have a mould of your teeth created and this will then be used to manufacture your bespoke gum shield.

The stages involved in this process mean that your mouthguard will be fitted and moulded properly to your mouth. This makes it much more effective against damage than the generic options that can be bought off the internet. We will also make sure it is the correct thickness for the type of sport that you play.

You can also choose the colour and design that you would like on your gumshield, making it completely unique and individual to you.

For more information about our sportsguards, why not give us a call? You can reach us on 01959 564341.

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