Treatments and Services we offer

At Westerham Dental Care we offer a comprehensive range of dental treatments including:

  • General family dental care
  • Prevention and Treatment of gum disease including services of an Oral Hygienist
  • Crowns, Bridges and Veneers
  • Cosmetic Dentistry and Tooth Whitening
  • Dentures
  • Implants
  • Snoring Solutions
  • Invisible Braces
  • Rejuvenating facial treatments including Dermal Fillers and Wrinkle smoothing treatments

We always allow a generous amount of time for each patient, so we are able to provide care in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and run to schedule without keeping you waiting.

Because your health is of utmost importance to us we follow all current guidelines for cross infection control stringently. We also adhere strictly to the rules and regulations as set out by the General Dental Council (

Accident and Emergency Cover

Our surgery hours should cover most times that you need to see a dentist in an emergency situation. However, if you require a dentist out of hours, please call the practice number to obtain an emergency telephone number for the dentist on call.

See below for additional information on treatments we offer:

As well as providing a scale and polish, our hygienist will show you how to take care of your teeth and the best methods of brushing and flossing to remove plaque. She is trained to help patients prevent gum disease, causing premature tooth-loss due to loss of gum support. This process can often be avoided with the correct care and instruction as provided by the oral hygienist.

As part of your maintenance programme for a healthy mouth, we regularly screen for oral cancer, which is often easily treatable if detected early.

We encourage you to form healthy habits – regular examinations help us to get to know you and mean that we are able to spot any potential problems at an early stage. A 15 point dental health check is performed during each examination, ensuring that all aspects of dental health are evaluated and monitored.

We offer tooth-coloured composite or ceramic restorations for an enhanced appearance and peace of mind.

Root canal therapy can sometimes provide an alternative to the need to extract a tooth. We use single-use, disposable instruments as part of our commitment to best practice and client safety.

Natural-looking dentures contribute to a great smile. Where there are missing teeth, dentures can improve the way you look, bite, chew and speak. The remaining teeth are protected from wear and tear. Without dentures, the natural teeth may move or tilt, preventing your teeth from biting together properly.

We also offer new flexible dentures. These comfortable dentures fit snugly around existing teeth, often eliminating the need for visible clasps.

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Sports related oral injuries are significantly reduced by the use of sportsguards. Sportsguards cushion the blow to the jaw, much like an airbag in a car. The sportsguard dissipates the energy, greatly decreasing the impact of the blow, preventing the jaw from being forced back into the base of the skull, and possibly causing harm to the jaw joint and other structures. In addition, the teeth and soft tissues are protected because the upper and lower jaws are prevented from being brought together forcefully. Costs related to replacing teeth lost due to trauma can run into thousands, and can lead to a lifetime of dental problems.

The main cause for snoring is the partial closure of the airway during sleep. During sleep, muscles in the neck relax and for some people the soft tissue in the upper throat vibrates, which makes the sound we know as snoring.
Obstructive sleep apnoea is when a person stops breathing whilst asleep, this can be up to 50 or 60 times per hour. Sleep apnoea occurs when the airway completely closes, compared to simple snoring where the airway is only partially closed.

We are able to offer a possible solution to help you to stop snoring and prevent obstructive sleep apnoea. Sleepwell™ is a custom-made mouth piece which prevents the lower jaw dropping back during sleep, thereby preventing the closure of the airways.

We are pleased to offer the services of a qualified medical doctor who has over 20 years’ experience in anaesthetics and intravenous sedation. The drug used for sedation promotes a feeling of calmness within the patient, reduces the patient’s awareness of treatment and provides amnesia so that the patient remembers very little of the procedure. We also provide relative analgesia, sometimes known as laughing gas.

A crown can be used to save a tooth previously filled or broken beyond repair with a filling. Bridges are used to close a gap in your smile. Crowns and bridges are custom-made by our selected technicians. We pay particular attention to the shape and appearance of your natural teeth to ensure an exact match.

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Veneers can be used to improve the colour, shape and position of your teeth. They instantly improve your smile by hiding discolouration, closing small gaps and repairing chips and cracks. Veneers are wafer-thin shells of porcelain, made to be bonded and fitted precisely over the front surface of a tooth – much like a false fingernail on a nail.

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We are one of a few dental surgeries who are accredited to offer lumineers. This is a veneer which is as thin as a contact lens. This process requires minimal removal (if any) of tooth structure, thus making it a very safe and conservative approach.

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This amazing procedure can benefit almost anyone with healthy teeth who would like a whiter, more dazzling smile. Healthy teeth often darken with age or staining from certain foods such as coffee, red wine or even smoking, but can be treated very successfully using the latest tooth whitening techniques.

We offer ‘home lightening’, ‘in-chair lightening’ and combination treatments to suit your individual needs.

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This is a safe and reliable method for replacing missing teeth. A dental implant is made of titanium metal and shaped like a screw which is surgically placed into the jawbone. Once in place, bone and gum tissue heal around it making it a sturdy substitute for the natural tooth root.

For more information about the treatments we can offer, or to make an appointment, please feel free to call us on 01959 564341.